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Quit Co is committed to helping smokers quit by providing products and services, based on behavioral modification principles, to help replace the habit of smoking with something healthy.


Quit Co History

Lung Cancer image of cigarettes in lungs“Nicotine, as well as other addictions are very multidimensional, involving the behavioral, social and physiological mechanisms. Treatment of nicotine could be more involved than other addictions because nicotine is one of our most addictive drugs, being more addictive in comparison to heroin. Therefore, treatment of nicotine addiction requires appropriate treatment of the behavioral manifestations to be totally successful.”

– Clyde B. McCoy, PhD

Professor & Chair Emeritus, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Director, Comprehensive Drug Research Center
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

Smoking Is An Addiction & A Habit

Magnifying Glass - Healthy LivingSmoking is an addiction to nicotine that lasts a few days, to a few week tops.  Smoking is also a habit that is deeply ingrained in the brain, and can last a lifetime if not replaced by something else.

All habits work in a loop: Cue, habit, reward. Smoking is the habit, not the cue or reward. Below the infograhic explains how it is possible to find a new healthy habit/action that can be performed when there is a cue to smoke, and that provides the same reward.


Habit Replacement
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