Quit Tea In The Media

Appearances On Blogs & In The Media

Being a unique product in a market without many good options, Quit Tea has received attention from bloggers and members of the media. Here are some of the places mentions of Quit Tea have shown up:

Quit Tea Is The Natural Alternative To Help You Quit Smoking For Good” – HerbalHealingGuide.com

Matt Bucklin on CNBC’s show Power Pitch making the pitch for Quit Tea

Matt Bucklin making a pitch for Quit Tea to Chris Schroeder on Power Pitch CNBC


CNBC Power Pitch: Quit Tea

Understanding the why’s of cigarette addiction, and how to cure it naturally” – Examiner.com

Quitting Smoking for Good: Understanding the Why’s of Cigarette Addiction, and How to Cure It Naturally” – TheCompleteHerbalGuide.com

Quit Smoking Naturally with Quit Tea” – MyFabFitForties.com

Quit Smoking – Start Sipping: My Review for Quit Tea” – JenniferSeitzer.com


Ozarks Live! “New Year, New You” Featuring Quit Tea


New Near, New You: Be Skinny, EverDeep, Essio & Quit Tea

The Winning Way To Quit Smoking” – Book by Shirley Amy

Today Is The Day To Quit Smoking” – RamblingRedHeadFromFlorida.com



Tried Everything To Quit Smoking?” – Simple Wyrdings

Can’t Stop Smoking, Start Drinking Tea” – Woodland Restaurantva

What Are The Ingredients In Quit Tea?” – Stop Don’t Quit


5 Ways Herbal Tea Helps You Quit Smoking” – LivingHerbalTea.com

What if Quitting Smoking was as easy as Sipping a Cup of Tea?”  – Dr. Antonio Howell

Quit Tea: A Natural Way To Stop Smoking”  – Stop Don’t Quit



Endorsed by Shirley Amy” – ShirleyAmy.com

Quitting Smoking Is A Change In Habits, And A Change In Lifestyle” -TheWinningWay Blog

You Will Survive Without Cigarettes” – eHealth Radio Podcast interview with Matthew Bucklin – December 26, 2010


Quit Tea Natural Stop Smoking Aid Review” – Healing.Answer.com – May 2013

Substitute Your Smoking Habit With Something Healthy” – Smokersblog.com

DC Product Review Cover Dec 2011 Chiropractic Magazine

Herbal Tea Is Another Option For Quitting” – Dr. Antonio Howell

Natural Quit Smoking Aids – Quit Tea Stop Smoking” – HappyToQuitSmoking.com

Supplementing Your Quit Smoking Plan with Herbs” – Health & Fitness Post

Sip Your Way Smoke-Free” – CaraCitrowske.com – July 2013

“QuitFullStop Asks Smokers To Turn Over A New Leaf  Using Herbal Remedy Quit Tea” – QuitFullStop.co.uk – April 2012

“Stop Smoking Aid” – DC Product Review Magazine – December 2012

Quit Tea: You Will Survive Without Cigarettes” – eDrugstore.com

Gator Allie’s smoking is a primary cause of sexual dysfunction” – Examiner.com

A Personal Quit Update” – The Mom Show Blog – May 2012

Ways To Quit | Quit Tea” – WaysToQuit.org

Natural Foods Merchandiser Magazine Cover January 2013

The Smoker’s Clinic Review of Quit Tea” – NHS Clinic East London

Quit Tea And Me” – The Wigley’s A Look Into Our World Blog – May 2012

New Product Showcase” – Natural Foods Merchandiser – January 2013


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