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Press Releases From Quit Tea LLC

The following are press releases from Quit Tea LLC regarding company and product developments since May 2010.

November 13, 2014       Quit Tea LLC Is Changing Name And Expanding Product Line To Help Smokers Using Behavioral Strategiespdf

May 8, 2014                    Quit Tea Temporarily Out Of Stockpdf

January 29, 2014          China’s 350,000,000 Smokers Now Have A New Option For Quittingpdf

January 24, 2014         Top Selling Alternative For Quitting Smoking This Resolution Season Is Quit Teapdf

January 2, 2014            Matt Bucklin Will Appear on CNBC’s Power Pitch To Discuss Quit Tea  —  pdf

December 31, 2013     Ozarks Live! Featured Quit Tea in “New Year, New You” Product Lineup  —  pdf

December 13, 2013    Quit Tea LLC Joins Natural Products Association to Support Growing Natural Marketplacepdf

December 5, 2013         20,000 Samples Of Quit Tea Will Go Out In Conscious Boxpdf

November 26, 2013    Replacing Free Sample Program With In-Store Sampling To Support Retailerspdf

August 27, 2013            The Winning Way To Quit Smoking Protocol Recommends Quit Teapdf

July 26, 2013                   Now Supporting “Kick-It Catalyst” To Help Smokers Quit For Goodpdf

January 10, 2013           Quit Tea Sample Program Continues With New Partnershippdf

October 18, 2012            Quit Tea Now Available At Whole Foods Market NA Helping Smokers Quit Naturally — pdf

September 10, 2012      Supporting Community Health Events Across Country — pdf

August 7, 2012                Trial Of Quit Tea And Behavioral Modification Therapy Results Positive — pdf

July 14, 2012                   Sending Only 50,000 More Free Quit Tea Samples — pdf

June 22, 2012                  Quit Tea Now Available In UK Market — pdf

March 6, 2012                  Quit Tea Natural Stop Smoking Aid Now Available On — pdf

July 7, 2011                      New Option For Tobacco Addiction In Holistic Market — pdf

May 20, 2011                   Quit Tea Natural Stop Smoking Aid Receives Professional Recommendation —  pdf

December 29, 2010       Quit Tea LLC Continues Support for Smoking Cessation and Cancer Research —  pdf

November 12, 2010       Quit Tea LLC Updates Ongoing Trial Results —  pdf

October 15, 2010           Quit Tea LLC Begins Retail Sales —  pdf

July 23, 2010                  Quit Tea LLC Reports Positive Initial Trial Results —  pdf

June 20, 2010                Quit Tea Trials Underway —  pdf

June 8, 2010                   Quit Tea LLC Starts Selling Internationally —  pdf

May 22, 2010                 Quit Tea LLC Begins National Distribution With Higher Than Expected Volume —  pdf


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