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The Story Of Quit Tea Came To Be

I had been a social smoker that slipped into smoking a little more regularly, and shortly after graduation I did a month long detox, with a few products from the health food store. I wanted to get healthy, so I gave up drinking, smoking, and I exercised regularly, and ate well.

ingredients in quit tea stop smoking aidIt wasn’t until a couple months later that I realized I had quit smoking! I remember trying my first cigarette again months later, and it tasted disgusting. I had one puff and threw it away.

It occurred to me that there might have been a connection between that detox and my new dislike for cigarettes, which promoted me to do some research and find out there might be something to it. I did a lot of mixing and testing, and after many many cups of tea, I found a formula that I believed would work.

quit tea herbal quit smoking in glass cupSince I was no longer a smoker at this point, I found friends who smoked to test my tea blend. I found 3 smokers who were willing to give it a try. All used it for a few weeks and all came back with the same feedback, “when I drink this, I don’t want to smoke.” That was good enough for me!

In December 2009 I registered Quit Tea LLC in the State of Maine, and over the next few months I spent trademarking, building a website, designing packaging, sourcing herbs, and putting a company together. Then in May 2009, I conducted a trial, received lots of positive feed back and finally put Quit Tea for sale online with the goal of helping smokers everywhere quit smoking naturally.

Matt Bucklin creator of Quit Tea

Matt Bucklin

Creator Of Quit Tea Matthew Bucklin

I graduated from Colby College in 2005. After graduation I started as a pharmaceutical and biotechnology analyst for MDRxFinancial in New York. This experience helped me learn a lot of about the pharmaceutical industry, and the need for a safe and effective, alternative products to help people get healthy and quit smoking. In 2009 I founded Quit Tea LLC with the goal of helping everyone break their addiction and quit. You can email me at matt@quittea.com


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