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Quit Tea Available At Whole Foods Market InfographicQuit Tea Available At Whole Foods Market InfographicQuit Tea is located in hundreds of health food stores, and pharmacies across the country, including the Whole Foods Markets North Atlantic Region, which includes Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and central Connecticut.  Please scroll down to find the health food store or pharmacy nearest you, that carries Quit Tea. If you don’t see a retail location you can always purchase online.


There are a few health food stores and pharmacies that carry Quit Tea in Canada, but for most international customers, please order online.  Many of our online retailers have excellent international shipping options.

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Small Health Food Stores & Pharmacies

There Are Many Small Health Food Stores & Pharmacies That Carry Quit Tea Near You.  Please check your local health food store first!

No Stores Near You?

There are many excellent online retailers that sell Quit Tea.  Please click on the Buy Now link to get back to the page to find out how to order Quit Tea online.

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Refer A Store Program

If you would like to buy Quit Tea locally, but no store near you carries it yet, you can help us and help yourself by referring a store. If the store buys Quit Tea we will send you 2 free boxes of Quit Tea or $10, your choice. Click here to find out more.

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Potential Vendors

If you would like to carry Quit Tea in your store please click here on our Sales Sheet.

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