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downloadTo really become smoke free, most people need to use at least 3 cups of Quit Tea a day for 6 months.  This will give anyone enough time to replace the unhealthy habit of smoking with the new healthy habit of drinking herbal tea.  Reconditioning the response to triggers to smoke is the key to long term success.

Quit Tea Subscription PackWe have put together a 4 pack of Quit Tea on Amazon.com, enough to help you stay smoke free for roughly 1 month.  Soon we will be able to offer an option to subscribe to our monthly packs.

Benefits of Subscribe & Save

  1. Get 4 boxes of Quit Tea each month.
  2. Free shipping.
  3. 10% off already reduced price.
  4. No need to remember to reorder!

Quit Tea Month Pack Subscription 4 Boxes

This package has enough Quit Tea to help you get through each month without going back to smoking, to help you substitute the habit of smoking for drinking herbal tea, and start living a healthy smoke free life.


Quit Tea Pack


Get The Quit Tea Starter Kit On Amazon.com

Before you subscribe to Quit Tea try the Quit Tea Starter Kit, also available on Amazon.com.  The kit includes everything you will need to get started using Quit Tea and replacing your smoking habit for good.

Quit Tea Starter Kit in BoxThe Quit Tea Starter Kit Includes:

  • You get 4 boxes of Quit Tea for just $10 each!
  • The book “Quit Smoking With Herbal Tea” by Herbalist, Josh Williams.
  • A Quit Tea Tumbler for taking Quit Tea on the go.

This Quit Tea Starter Kit is everything you need to get into the habit, with a free book and tumbler.

Now that over 250,000 people across the United States have tried Quit Tea, we are no longer offering free samples.  But when you purchase the Starter Kit you will also receive a Quit Tea Tumbler, for taking Quit Tea on the go, and a copy of the book “Quit Smoking With Herbal Tea” by Herbalist, Josh Williams.

The Quit Tea Starter Kit is sold on Amazon.com for your convenience.


Quit Tea Starter Kit
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