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You Can Now Get 4 Free Boxes of Quit Tea and More!

You can now get 4 boxes of Quit Tea for free, when you sign up for a subscription to Quit Tea.  We apologize that we are no longer able to offer the single tea bag in the mail. Due to changes with the bulk mail service through the USPS and the fact that we have sent out over 250,000, we decided to stop sending free samples and offer something better. The sampling program was a big success, but now we are putting together a program that will be even  more helpful!

Get 4 Free Boxes of Quit Tea

Quit Tea Subscription PackageWhen you subscribe to Quit Tea, we will send you 4 boxes of Quit Tea  a month, for 6 months, and the first 4 boxes are free.  We will also give you a mug, and a book called “The Healthy Smoker” by Dr. Charles Bens, and a discount code for the best smoking cessation App available, Craving To Quit.

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If you are serious about quitting, the best practices in smoking cessation therapy are a combination of a behavioral modification therapy, like the Craving to Quit App, and a product like Quit Tea.  That is why we are trying to offer everything you will need to start your new healthy smoke free life in one simple subscription program.

When you are finished make sure to check out some other pages on this website because it is full of useful information to help you quit smoking.  Make sure to click on the link to the right, and take the Nicotine Dependence Quiz, which will help you determine how dependent you are on nicotine and the best ways for you to quit smoking.

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To help you prepare to quit smoking, you can visit our Blog for more useful information. And please take our Nicotine Dependence Quiz to find out how addicted you are to nicotine, and the best ways for you to quit smoking.

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