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We apologize that we are no longer able to offer the single tea bag in the mail. Due to changes with the bulk mail service through the USPS and the fact that we have sent out over 250,000, we decided to stop sending free samples and offer something better. The sampling program was a big success, but now we are putting together a program that will be even  more helpful!


Deals Available On

We are offering multiple kits and pack on that help you save money on Quit Tea. Soon we will be able to offer a Subscribe & Save Option on so that you order can show up each month, you don’t have to remember to reorder, and can save.

Learn More About Habit Replacement

Smoking is an addiction to nicotine that lasts a few days, to a few week tops.  Smoking is also a habit that is deeply engrained in the brain, and can last a lifetime if not replaced by something else.

Every plan is different, just like every person. You have learned how addicted you are to nicotine, and that is a good start to figure out the best way to quit smoking for you.

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