Breathe – Chew Licorice Root – Drink Quit Tea

Breathe.  Chew Licorice Root.  Drink Quit Tea.  These were the things that helped me quit smoking. I have been a smoker for over ten years and I started in order to control my overwhelming emotions. I have quit probably a dozen times with varying success over the years but my approach was to merely take away the crutch that helped me maintain my emotional stability. This time, I looked at what smoking gave me: a sense of being grounded. Blowing out smoke made me feel as though I was releasing all the negativity I held onto. Quit Tea helped me do the same thing in a more mindful, healthy, non-addictive (though very habit-forming) way.

Kim Douglas Using Natural Ways To Quit SmokingI found out about Quit Tea when I searched for natural ways to quit smoking. I sent in for my free sample and I held onto it until I was ready. I finally had two days off in a row and I went for it. I didn’t drink Quit Tea until I had to go back to work because that’s when I normally cave. It was wonderful. I rarely pamper myself and that’s what drinking this tea felt like. It felt like miniature spa treatments in each cup. I focused on the smell of the tea, the heat on my face, the spicy taste, and the internal warmth it created. After that, I knew Quit Tea could help me.  But, Quit Tea wasn’t my only tool in quitting smoking….

This time I came prepared to quit smoking with tools that worked for me. Breathing: out with the bad, in with the good (cheesy, I know, but it works). Chewing licorice root: what’s more grounded than a root?? Drinking Quit Tea: give myself a moment to re-center and release the internal pressure that causes my cravings.

There is no doubt that all of the ingredients in Quit Tea helped with my cravings, but so does Nicorette so what’s different about Quit Tea? I’ve tried nicotine replacements (gum, lozenges, Snus), cold-turkey, cutting back, a rubber band around my wrist, hypnosis, herbal therapies, acupuncture, and any other technique I heard about. My trifecta worked because it focused on my emotional reasons for smoking and the physical cravings rather than just the physical response to quitting.

Although Quit Tea will not do the mental determination work for you, it might give you that extra edge you need to stay quit.  It did for me. I found it especially helpful when I returned to work after two days off (and only two days nicotine-free). Keeping a thermos of it around throughout the work day saved the lives of my co-workers and made the day a heck of a lot better than other times I’ve quit. It has a unique flavor which tastily persuaded my mouth/mind into thinking about the tea and not obsessing about cigarettes. It reminded me to breathe which is so important when working through cravings.

I am a non-smoker for 20 days now and I owe it to Quit Tea. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Kim Douglas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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