Woman wearing a nicotine patch

Response To New Study of Combinations of Quit Smoking Therapies

Combining Varenicline and Nicotine Replacement Therapy Makes No Sense A new study out of South Africa has found that combining Varenicline and nicotine replacement therapy is a more effective way to quit smoking, boosting the quit rate to 49%.  The study included 435 smokers who were randomly assigned to take either the pills and the patch, or […]

Rewards Based Strategy For Quitting Smoking

Rewards Based Strategy For Quitting Smoking Effective For Some

There are those who can go cold turkey and others who simply can’t kick the habit. For some cigarette smokers, the reward of being smoke free, saving money on cigarettes, better health, less pressure from family, and so on, is enough to of a reward to quit smoking. Now researchers think they have discovered why […]

Woman Using Smart Phone To Quit Smoking

Using Your Smart Phone To Quit Smoking

Now smokers hoping to break their habit should reach for their cell phone, instead of another stick of nicotine gum. In one of the first ever studies of a smoking cessation text messaging program, researchers found smokers who used the program were more than 2 times as likely to quit. More than 11% of smokers […]

Quit Tea Temporarily Out Of Stock

Quit Tea, the top selling alternative smoking cessation aid, has been out of stock for a few weeks in May, 2014, as the company has trouble keeping with with demand for large orders domestically and internationally. NEW YORK, NY., May 8, 2014 – The best selling alternative quit smoking aid, Quit Tea, has been flying […]

Stressed Out Man Nicotine Withdrawal

Chemical Actions and Reactions to Nicotine

Smokers always claim that cigarettes give them the stamina they need to work more intensely, have a better attention span, and improve their reaction time.  If you believe this, you are completely right, and also wrong at the same time.  Smoking causes a series of chemical actions and reactions in the brain, that stimulates the release […]