Nicotine Is An Effective Insecticide

You are probably aware that tobacco is bad for you, but somewhere read that it is all the “carcinogens” and tar in tobacco that damage your health. You might have also read that nicotine is a harmless stimulant.  However, nicotine is a toxin that can be lethal in high doses. Nicotine Killed Beetles That had Become […]

Lung Cancer image of cigarettes in lungs

Over 14 Million Smoking Related Illnesses In US

It is not news that tobacco is a major cause of illness in the United States.  Cigarette smoking is a major cause of heart and lung disease.  Now new research is shedding light on just how destructive the habit really is.  According to a new government report, cigarette smoking accounts for approximately 14 million major […]

University of Alaska Wants a Smoke-Free Policy

Authorities from University of Alaska told they prepared a draft for a new no-smoking policy on campuses, which is expected to come into effect in 2015. . Due to students anti-smoking initiatives, more universities in the USA have become smoke-free. This contributes greatly to creating a healthy environment in the state. Most decisive moment was […]

Quitting Smoking Could Make Patients with Diseased Leg Arteries Live Longer

(Reuters Health) – In so-called “peripheral artery disease,” blood from the heart can’t reach the legs because the arteries are clogged. The result can be painful cramps while walking or climbing stairs, leg numbness or weakness, coldness in the lower leg or foot – and in the worst cases, amputation. In a new study, researchers […]

5 Self-Help Strategies to Stay Quit Even During the Tough Days

While there is no scientific evidence linking smoking and stress, many people believe that smoking can help them calm down. If you’re one of the thousands if not millions of people who have developed nicotine dependence because you resort to cigarettes when you are stressed, you must know this sad truth: smoking can never ease […]

Hand Smashing Cigarettes Breaking the habit

Combination of Behavioral Modification Therapy and Quit Smoking Aid Works Best

Mayo Clinic Trial Found 3X Increase In Success Rate Clinical trials have shown there is a significant increase in smoking cessation success rates from a combination behavioral support and medication. Researchers have now demonstrated that this approach translates into the “real world” and that a combination of the two treatments offers almost three times the […]