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Some Information You Should Know That Will Help You Quit Smoking

You want know what will ‘help me quit smoking?’  Information, the desire to quit, and a little help.  Below is some important information you should know about quitting smoking. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms have been carefully researched and studied while developing Quit Tea so that the properties of the ingredients will be most effective at helping everyone quit smoking.

The Physical Addiction

To get over the physical addiction to nicotine, it is essential not to use nicotine replacement products; these only alter the method of consumption. Real cessation of smoking comes from cutting of the consumption of nicotine. Studies have shown that it takes the body 5 to 6 weeks to get over this physical addiction. Quit Tea is meant to be used during this period as a quit-smoking aid. Here are some of the common difficulties.

One of the most common symptom of nicotine withdrawal is the anxiety and nervousness. The herbs in Quit Tea lessen anxiety and stress: Valerian root acts like a mild sedative greatly reducing stress and nervousness, St. John’s Wort reduces stress and anxiety and will also improve mood. Ginseng is an herb not in Quit Tea but it helps the body deal with daily stresses. Red Clover and Licorice, among other properties, are mild relaxants as well. These herbs remain in the system for up to 6 hours, relieving tension and reducing the physical craving for nicotine.

Low Energy:
Help Quitting SmokingNicotine stimulates the adrenal glands so former smoker often complain of having lower energy. There are many herbs that promote higher levels of energy: Sarsaparilla, Licorice, Red Clover, and Fennel. Licorice is especially important because it stimulates the adrenal glands, in the same way that nicotine does. Keeping a high energy level will help normalize life after quitting.

Appetite Suppresion:
A common excuse for not quitting is weight gain, which occurs because nicotine reduces the appetite and increases the metabolism. After quitting it is important to increase physical activity but one added benefit of the herbs for energy is appetite suppression, Red Clover especially but also Fennel helps to reduce appetite.

Smoking introduces a large number of toxins into the body. Smoking saturates the nerve receptors in the brain with nicotine, and addiction to nicotine comes from partial saturation of the drug inside the nervous system. The body naturally removes the nicotine from the body but as this process occurs the feeling of partial saturation causes cravings. The faster that the nicotine can be completely removed from the body, the sooner the harsh cravings will stop. The detoxifying herbs like burdock in Quit Tea expedite the removal process.

Lung Regeneration:
Many people decide to quit smoking because of a reduced lung capacity and fear of future lung disease. Oregano, Licorice, Red Clover, Fennel, Cayenne, and Black Pepper, all work to clean out the lungs by improving mucus quality and aid fluid removal. Burdock, Sarsaparilla, and Red Clover all work to clean the blood, liver, kidneys, and colon. Detoxification helps the body feel better immediately so it positively reinforce quitting.

Losing Taste:

There are a large number of receptors in the respiratory tract that receive pleasure from smoking. Cayenne and Black Pepper help to desensitize those receptors so that smoking becomes less pleasurable. Because of this, a full regime of the Tea will prevent former-smokers from starting again.

The Psychological Addiction

Many times the more difficult hurdle to quitting smoking is the psychological factor. Smoking is an oral habit that gives the smoker time away from normal activities and needs to be replaced. Sip to Quit Tea is meant to substitute that habit and defeat the psychological addiction. Making the Tea takes time away from normal activities, boiling water and steeping the Tea occupies the mind, and sipping the tea replaces the oral habit.

This habit of drinking tea is life long healthy habit that should be continued after completely quitting smoking. Eventually Quit Tea is no longer needed and green, black, and other herbal teas can be substituted.  Whatever you use you should learn what will ‘help me stop smoking’ and stick with it.

Learn What Will “Help Me Stop Smoking”

If you would like to try Quit Tea before buying, please click on the link below to request a free sample.  You should also take the Nicotine Dependence Quiz to find out how addicted you are to nicotine before quitting, and discover the best way to quit smoking for you.

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