Reviews & Results Of Quit Tea

Results From Our Quit Smoking Study:

Before we started selling Quit Tea we wanted to find out if it worked. We found 65 current smokers from across the United States, who want to quit smoking and were willing to enrolled in this informal trial. We collected data on the efficacy and usage patterns from people actually using Quit Tea to quit smoking. As each participant progressed they were asked to respond to a series of short surveys. The results are the aggregation of as many as 65 response to each question asked. Here are some of our results:


Drink Tea For Smoking CessationAVERAGE TRIAL PARTICIPANT:
Number of Years as Smoker: 23.7
Average Number of Cigarettes per Day: 18.1
Tried Quitting Previously: 93.8%

Number of Attempts: 5.7

Average Number of Cups per Day: 3.1

Select Questions

Do you like the taste of Quit Tea?    -    65% Say – “Like It”

How does Quit Tea make you feel?    -     60% Say – “Less Desire To Smoking”

How Does Quit Tea Make You Feel

After 9 week are you still smoke-free?

Have you Stopped Smoking Week 9

17% Say – “Yes!”

We published the full set of survey results which  you can view by clicking here: Quit Tea Survey Results


Quit Tea Sample Response Survey Results

After sending out samples to over 200,000 smokers, we asked people to fill out a quick survey on their response to Quit Tea. Here are some of the responses:

Does Quit Tea Have A Relaxing Effect Survey Pie ChartDid you find Quit Tea to have a relaxing effect?

YES – 34.2%

NO – 15.4%

SOMEWHAT – 50.4%



How Likely are you to buy Quit Tea to help you quit smoking pie chartAfter trying a cup, are you likely to buy Quit Tea, at some point in the future, to help you quit smoking?

YES – 37.8%

NO – 15.2%

MAYBE – 47.0%

The results are based on over 1,000 responses.  You can see the full results here as well as pages of comments from survey respondants:  Quit Tea Sample Response Survey Results

Naturopathy Natural MedicineFrom Smoking Cessation Professionals:

“Some time ago Matt, of Quit Tea, sent me two free boxes of tea. Since that time I have given clients a tea bag and the email address so they could get some of their own. The majority of these clients have gotten their tea and have reported using it when they had a craving for a cigarette. I have only heard good things from them about how it reduced or took away cravings and how a few have stopped smoking cigarettes. This is a good product and I will continue to tell new clients about it.”

-Leeanne Taylor MS LADC, Bangor, ME

“My patients love the flavor of Quit Tea, have had a decrease in cravings to smoke, and will definitely continue using the tea to help them quit smoking.”

-Dr. Douglas Yost, DC, Shoreview, MN


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