Directions For Using Quit Tea To Stop Smoking

Using Quit Tea The Simple Quit Smoking Aid

Using Quit Tea To Stop SmokingThe idea behind Quit Tea is simple, an herbal tea can help everyone stop smoking by reducing the side effects of withdrawal, while replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy one.

Real smoking cessation comes from cutting of the consumption of nicotine. Studies have shown that it takes the body 3 weeks to get over a physical addiction to nicotine, and up to 3 months to break the psychological addiction to smoking. Quit Tea is meant to be used before quitting, to help you cut down, after quitting to help with the withdrawal side effects, and for at least 9 weeks to help break the psychological addiction and create a new, healthy habit of drinking herbal tea.

Easy Steps To Use Quit Tea:


Make a plan to quit, pick a date, get your smoking cessation aids ready, and then follow through.


For the next 9 to 12 weeks, whenever you have the craving to smoke make a cup of Quit Tea and start sipping. We recommend 3 to 5 cups a day, but you can use more if necessary.


After your cravings subside keep drinking some herbal tea and keep up your new healthy lifestyle.

For most people the psychological addiction is more difficult to break than the physical addiction to nicotine, because smoking is a habit that involves a break from stressful daily activities. Quit Tea is meant to substitute that habit to help you stop smoking. Making a cup of Quit Tea takes time away from normal activities, boiling water, steeping the tea and sipping away provides that break. As you are waiting and sipping, take in deep slow breaths and relax.

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This habit of drinking tea is life long healthy habit that should be continued after completely quitting smoking. Eventually you will not need Quit Tea (but you may want to keep drinking it!) but you should continue drinking some form of tea.

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