Easy Way To Replace Your Habit

Smoking cigarettes is an addiction, but more importantly it is a bad habit. The physical addiction to nicotine lasts as long as there is any left in your bloodstream, at most a few days.

It Is Easier To Replace A Habit Than To Break One!

Quit Tea is one option specifically created to help you get through those cravings for a cigarette and replace the habit. The herbs in Quit Tea are relaxing, detoxing, and healthy. If  you make a cup of Quit Tea every time you are triggered to smoke, after a short time the habit of making a cup of herbal tea will be automatic.

woman at home drinking Quit Tea natural stop smoking aidDirection For Using Quit Tea

  1. Stop Smoking!
  2. Whenever you have the urge, boil water, steep a bag of Quit Tea, and sip.
  3. Repeat for at least 12 weeks.
  4. Continue to drink Quit Tea, or another herbal tea, as part of your new healthy habit.

Following these steps as part of your smoking cessation plan will help you replace one unhealthy habit, with a new healthy habit of drinking herbal tea. Herbal teas can be part of your new healthy, smoke-free lifestyle.

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