Quit Smoking Testimonials

Testimonials Of Quit Tea As A Smoking Cessation Aid

We receive lots of positive feed back about Quit Tea from people all over the world trying to quit smoking.  Some people say this is the first time they were ever able to quit, others needed extra helps.  But almost everyone says that when they drink Quit Tea it helps with their cravings.  Here are some of the things people have said about Quit Tea as a smoking cessation aid.

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Quotes From People Who Have Quit Smoking With Quit Tea*


“Today is 30 days Cigarette Free for Me!! YAY! Quit Cold Turkey after I became very sick with yet another round of bronchitis. I have suffered from shortness of breath for nearly two years now, in spite of cutting way back on the amount I smoked. I mean, for over a year, I’ve made a pack last anywhere from four to seven days, but it was not good enough. I wanted to quit smoking competely. Anyhow…I won two boxes of this stuff way back earlier in the year from a contest that Quit Tea had on their fb page – the boxes have been unopened in the original mailing box until a few days ago. During a stressful situation, I was craving a cig (I wasn’t not going to give in, no matter what!) but nevertheless, I decided to try a cup. Oh, yummy. & Yes. Craving relieved…on the spot. All natural stuff, I love this tea!  THANK YOU, Quit Tea!”

Melinda Tegarden Quit Tea is Great

-Betsy Thompson, Lexington, SC

“Quit Tea is very easy to make.  Its got a really great taste and smell,and I haven’t felt this calm in years. I would definitely rather drink this tea then smoke even one more nasty cigarette! I’d probably even continue to drink it long after I quit smoking too because it tastes so good and makes you feel much better. I would recommend this to my family and friends easily. I really loved drinking Quit Tea! Thank you!”

-Melinda Tegarden, Saint Petersburg, FL


“Your product is the only one that I have found that actually helped me in this long struggle to be free from this addiction.”

-Barb Brazozowski, Lackawanna, NY



“Well I have used Quit Tea and I might say it’s the best tea I have ever had!  The reason is that it keeps me very relaxed and the spice taste and smell makes me want more.  I truly believe it calms down my nerves.  Also, it completely eliminate the urge to smoke another cigarette again.  It’s truly a blessing.”

-Hans Gomez, Miami, FL


“I purchased Quit Tea in July, 2011 I have been smoke free since July 18th, 2011”

-Janis Lewis, Manchester, MI


While looking for methods to quit smoking I came across Quit Tea. At first I was skeptical that a tea could effectively replace cigarettes. I started by drinking a cup in the morning instead of my morning cigarette. Then I started using multiple packs to make iced tea throughout the afternoon. After using Quit Tea for a few months I can proudly say that I no longer smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco products. I feel better then I ever have and I owe it to Quit Tea. I still drink it because it doesn’t have a bad taste at all and is honestly better than any other teas I have drank. Thank you Quit Tea!

-Dylan Kopnitsky, Beckley, WV

Brian Dujmic Used Quit Tea


“I recently was given quit tea as a gift for Christmas from my fiance. 28 days later and I am still smoke free!!  Thanks Quit Tea.”

-Brian Dujmic, Ecorse, MI


“On August 17, 2013, I STOPPED smoking. I am a non smoker. I now drink Quit Tea when I feel it will benefit a bit of anxiety. Thank you for Quit Tea!”

-Christine Masterjohn, West Brookfield, MA


“I am doing much better, thank God! My cravings are reduced by about 75% now. Occasionally I get cravings, but not like I did in the first 3 weeks. They are diminishing with each week. And I still have not gained any weight.”

-Anita Frost, Detroit, MI

Wendy Martin Would Recommend Quit Tea


I have not smoked since using Quit Tea, although there are moments that I want to. What I do is meditate for about 15 minutes and then I have another cup of Quit Tea. Would I recommend this product? YES!!

-Wendy Martin, Saint Petersburg Beach, FL


“My Strongest craving for cigarettes was with my morning coffee, Quit Tea helped sooth those cravings. I smoked for 37 years, now I am smoke free for 27 days and have no desire to ever smoke again! I would recommend the use of Quit Tea with your plan to quit.”

-Marsha Clark, St. Louis, MO

Rae Bell Quit Smoking Healthy Way


“I was researching healthier ways to quit and found Quit Tea.  The habit of smoking is replaced by refreshing your cup. The red clover is helping to keep me from eating everything in sight, and the burdock helps cleanse the body of the nicotine.”

-Rae Bell, Coralville, IA


“After smoking for 38 years and trying other products, Quit Tea works. Thanks a million.”

-Debra Redding, Columbus, OH

Lija Horsley Recommends Quit Tea


“Quit Tea tastes great and has been helpful in cutting down on my cravings. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to quit.”

-Lija Falter, Delaware, OH


“I am 42 years old and had been smoking since I was a teenager. I quit smoking on March 13 of this year. I have attempted to quit smoking several times before but the withdrawal always got the best of me. I heard about Quit Tea on an online support group. I love the product and it has really helped with the withdrawals. I also have not gained any weight as of yet. I really think the tea has helped to keep my anxiety at bay. The customer service is also better than I could have ever asked for.”

-Kathy Wakefield, Biddeford, ME


David Moffatt Trying To Quit


“Quit Tea has definitely reduced my craving for a cigarette. It’s a nice cup of comfort and of course, an alternative to “lighting up”. I have not yet succeeded in quitting completely, but thanks in part to Quit Tea, I am making progress! Thanks for making this product available.”

-David Moffatt, Mountain Iron, MT


“I finally quit smoking with the help of Quit Tea and will power! I had been a two pack a day smoker for almost 30 years. I had tried many products before & probably would have never tried this except for the fact a friend had gotten this gift for me. Thanks Quit Tea!”

-Jenny Wilson, Kelso, WA

Frederick Calabro Finally Able To Quit


“After about 2 weeks of having a morning and afternoon cup of Quit Tea, I was able to lose the desire to smoke entirely! I have been smoke free since mid-November, 2012. I attribute my success to your fine product, Quit Tea. Thank you for allowing me to overcome my cigarette addiction.”

-Frederick Calabro, Naples, Florida


“Quit Tea does everything it says it is supposed to do. I have never had so much success quitting.”

-Beth Pomroy, Bar Harbor, ME

Angela Wallace My Kids Thank Quit Tea


“I started regularly drinking Quit Tea, and now I can get through every day without the expense, smell, or health risks that came with smoking. Thank you so much. My kids thank you as well…..mom will be around a lot longer now.”

-Angela Wallace, Antioch, TN



“I really love Quit Tea and accredit my quitting to drinking this tea.”

-Liz Perreault, Burlington, VT


Gloria Ashley Quit Tea Works


“Quit Tea works wonders. I have tried other products and never got the results I am getting now. Would not have anything else. It really works!!!”

-Gloria Lewis, Antioch, TN



“I used Quit Tea to help quit smoking.  I found the tea had a good taste and really curbed the desire to smoke.  This is a very helpful product and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to stop smoking and live a healthier lifestyle.”

-Tracy Thomas, Garland, TX

Mathew Medved Quit Tea Helps Moodiness



“Quit Tea helped block out my cravings so I didn’t want a cigarette. This helped with the moodiness ALOT! Thanks Quit Tea!”

-Mathew Medved, Glassport, PA


“Quit Tea does take away that desire for nicotine, to smoke. I like that it is herbal, and the herbs in tea are pleasant to the senses, even after a few hours of drinking the tea. It is well worth the purchase. I have thought I may like drinking the tea after I quit smoking. Also, that I have told my friends about your product.”

-Deborah Esque, Akron, OH


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*Some people who provided a testimonial were provided more Quit Tea for their time, picture, and sharing their quote.  Everyone has used Quit Tea previously.

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